eiButton Basal-NFP-natural-birth-control-accurate-automatic-thermometer-vaginal-cap-ring-Set with USB-Plug in adapter +Android App USB-OTG


Ready to use set according to the symptothermal method based on the rules of fertility awareness methods and natural family planing methods:

EndoTherm® iButton Basal Set -Community Edition-Set comprises:


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The iButton  measurement system is highly accurate  to measure automatically  the BBT- Basal Body Temperature nocturnal.

It is approved with hundreds of womens since 2009. Some of the womens publish anymously their real iButton measurement data of their cycle.   

iButton supports you and make it easy to use the natural fertility awareness methods by nocturnal measurements automatically.

These measurements are closely to the real Basal Body temperature, because disturbing effects like wake up with out measuring is avoided. Thus the specific characteristic temperature chart is recorded easily and much clearer than by manual measuring. The fertility awareness for the woman and man is indeed simplified.

The rules and methods known from natural family planing like NFP/NER-Rötzer to determine the fertile/infertile phase can be used to navigate in fertile phases for childwish and for contraception.

Advantages are:

precise security of the fertility determination by more daily measurement data

reduced measurement mistakes, because of accurate time stamp of the measurement, no possiblity of errors by reading or writing the data or because of earlier wake up without measuring.

much more comfort on weekends by sleeping longer than usual without the need of measuring in the morning at the same time.

biological natural life style without synthetic influences of drugs

because of the high accurate characteristic, the fertile phase period could be determined much more accurate, thus the start of the infertile phase can be one or two days earlier.

cap ring is able to recycle 100%.

intensiv longterm relationship because of responsible communication.

 Assistance for secure symptothermal method
 One principle of the symptothermal method is to controll the quality of the cervical mucus in the evening and mark the change of egg white slippery to white cremy and in addition to record the wake up temperature during the fertile days before you rise out of your bed otherwise the temperature data is lost for that day.

With the NFP-iButton measurment system it is possible to record the temperature data nocturnal with the necessary high accuracy of  ±0.1°C without wake up at the same time all the fertile days, in order to measure manually the wake up temperature. To rise out of bed is immediately possible for example, if children cry and/or you have to hurry up. It is possible to sleep longer on weekends and it is not necessary to remember to measure, read and write the temperature in a chart.

The temperature data logger NFP iButton is insulated in a cap ring and is inserted in the vaginal channel in the evening.

The cap ring with the iButton data logger will be removed out of the vaginal channel latest four days after the change of the quality of the cervical mucus.

The iButton data logger is plugged in the USB plug-in adapter after 9-15 days and read out via Android Smartphone or Windows PC or Mac/Linux on Windows platform based on e.g. virtualbox/parallels etc..

via EndoTherm basal English/German or AiBA (German) Windows software or the data it could be checked whether the nocturnal basal or fixed time stamp temperature raised on the last 4-6 days about 0,5°.

The temperature data could be now evaluated according to the know vey secure rules of the sympto thermal method.

Also specific approved Apps like Android Lady Cycle or mynfp could be used for evaluation and monitoring the cycle.
Mit einem zugehörigen Programm oder einer Android-APP kann man einen Fruchtbarkeitskalender führen, der sich eng an die von NFP gewohnte Darstellung oder NER (Natürliche Empfängnisregelung) anlehnt. (Das Fruchtbarkeitskalender-Programm kann kostenlos benutzt werden. Erst die Verwendung eines Temperatursensors erfordert nach einer Testphase von einem Monat eine Lizensierung)

EndoTherm Basal dient als Fruchtbarkeitskalender der Bestimmung der fruchtbaren Tage. Es ist also kein Verhütungsmittel und garantiert auch keine Schwangerschaften.
EndoTherm Basal dient als Fruchtbarkeitskalender der Bestimmung der fruchtbaren Tage. Es ist also ein Hilfsmittel und kein Verhütungsmittel und garantiert keine Schwangerschaften, hilft die relevanten Zeitpunkte festzustellen.
The iButton cap ring set is produced under EU- CE 0123 certificate.

Additional information

mit Vorbestellung für verbesserte Ringkappe

with Pre-Order amended cap ring + 15€, without Pre-Order new cap ring


with plastic box, without box

Android USB-OTG iButton Eignung?

Android Cycle App + USB-OTG-iButton+ preorder iButton USB-OTG data syncronizing Cycle App, with USB-OTG iButton ability, without USB-OTG iButton ability


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