- our vison is to make the sympto-thermal method easy and safe to use as well as to make it more widely known as a way of preventing or achieving pregnancy.

We aim to remove the myths and misrepresentations around this method and to restabilish it as reliable and natural method of fertility awareness for today's society.

We rely on automatic temperature taking during sleep and highlight the many benefits this system can bring. Several thousand loyal users have been aware of the benefits of using the sympto-thermal method for many years and would now not want to be without them.

Benefits to you and your partner:

The use of the sympto-thermal method, in particular the automatic temperature measurements taken during sleep using our wearable technology, which only needs to be worn during the fertile phase and leads to:

+ Greater reliability, (Pearl-Index = 0)

+  More comfort i.e. the possibility to sleep-in at the weekend

+ More accurate readings as measurement errors which can occur during recording, writing, calculation or through forgetting are avoided

+ Longer time-frame for the infertile phase,

+ Long-term health benefits for both partners,

+ Increased longevity of relationships by encouraging better communication and shared responsibility,

+ Strengthening of the immune system for both partners by reducing or elimanating the need for barrier or hormonal contraceptives,

+ As nature intended and environmentally friendly

+ Active, high human values

Thus, the understanding and use of the sympto-thermal process is simplified. Through experience and learning the basics of the method are preserved and unwanted influences reduced. We are commited to making this method better known and more active in order to achieve greater social acceptance.

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