NFP – Introduction
Pearl-Index = 0 is this possible?

Yes of course. Biological programming means that there is the natural rhythm and cycle of fertile and infertile phases. Through careful and precise montioring of changes in the female body and with good communication between the partners, the exact point of change from fertile to infertile phase can be precisely determined and a risk free sexual union with a Pearl index of 0 can be achieved. The Pearl Index, also called the Pearl rate, is the most common technique used in clinical trials for reporting the effectiveness of a birth control method. General belief these days is that natural, biological methods of birth control are unreliable. It it possible to navigate with 100% certainty through your menstrual cycle and be 100% sure when you have reached the „autumn“ (unfertile) phase? The population today, from teenagers through to adults, are general ignorant of these changes and so our aim at is to educate and highlight the benefits that can be gained from getting back in tune with your body.

Vegetationszyklus als Analogie zum weiblichen Zyklus mit vier Zeitabschnitten

Winter = Infertile phase——> Spring = Fertile phase begins——>Summer = Peak point of fertility ——>Autumn =100% Infertile
Plant lifecycle as an analogy to the female cycle with the four seasonal changes representing the four seperate phases of the menstrual cycle.


How does it work?

There are several ways to track the changes in your body:

1. Monitoring changes to your cervix in the vaginal tunnel. During your menstrual cycle your cervix changes in position and feels different. Around your fertile time the cervix will feel higher in the vagina, soft and slightly open. During your infertile time your cervix will feel low in the vagina, firmer to touch and closed. These changes are not reliable enough to be used on their own as a fertility indicator, so monitoring of the cervix needs to be used in combination with other measurements.

2. Observing the changes in consistancy of the cervical mucus at the vaginal tunnel entrance / vaginal exit, especially in the evening. Chinese studies have achieved a Pearl index of 0 after learning the model, and the NaProTechnolgy Institute also gives a Pearl index of 0.5-1.5. n the days leading up to ovulation you’ll notice increasing amounts of clear and slippery mucus. The mucus looks and feels a bit like raw egg white when you’re fertile. The cervical mucus height is characterized by protein-like, spinnable mucus, which turns creamy the next evening of the first deterioration. From the fourth day in the morning after a cervical mucus point, absolute infertility is assumed according to the so-called Billings method and also the refined Creighton Model, NaProTechnology, FertilityCare model.

3. Measurement of the „deepest“, undisturbed resting temperature, in the morning or even better at night at the same time every night. It is important that the you have not yet stood up and that you have had at least 3 hours sleep. The most important point here is that a low temperature level has been determined according to the Sensiplan® rules over at least 6 consecutive temperature measurements and that an ascending temperature level has been recorded over 3 nights, rising by at least 0.2 ° C by the 3rd day. If these measurements are accurate 100% infertility is present by the evening of the 3rd day of a consecutive rise in temperature.

4. Learning to combine the signs of the body: changes in cervix and cervical secretions and measurement of basal body temperature. Since cervical mucus monitoring is often ambiguous and not reliable, combining the two observations increases the effectiveness. This method is known as a symptothermal method. It is taught by NFP and INER instructors / trainers.

Why is combined body observation important?

Through the symptothermal method and its recordings, you and your partner can determine which phase of the menstrual cycle you are in. Using fertility awareness makes you more aware of your fertility and can help to plan or avoid a pregnancy. In studies by Dr. Josef Rötzer using 100,000 recorded menstrual cycles as well as in the working group NRP, it has been shown that a possible pregnancy can be excluded beforehand.

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